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My Story

As a mom of 6 children, I learned early on that I needed to find something just for me. I tried a number of things for my me time before I decided on crochet. I had a wonderful neighbor who was my crochet buddy. We spent hours together, talking, laughing, and crocheting.

For me, this was a way to relax and create beautiful items. I started making things for myself and my family. As I became more confident in my skills, I began to make things as gifts for people. I loved making baby afghans, bibs, little sweaters and it felt wonderful to share my craft with people.

As my confidence and creativity increased, I began to share my items on social media. People were interested. I now have people contact me to make them specific items. I love my hobby. It not only relaxes me, it also is a way of sharing love with others.


So, What Do I Want To Accomplish

As time went on, I developed arthritis in my hands, as well as what’s called trigger finger. My finger would lock up and it was very painful. I had to stop crocheting when this happened or when my hands were to sore from my arthritis.

One year for my birthday, my daughter gave me a set of crochet hooks. They were different from the ones I had been using. They had a thicker handle. When I began to use these hooks, My hands did not become so sore and to my surprise, I no longer had my finger lock up. Without knowing it, my daughter had helped me be able to continue the hobby I loved so much.

This is why I’d like to help other people who love to crochet, There are so many crochet hooks on the market these days. They are made in many shapes and sizes and out of many materials. The perfect hook for one person may not be the same for someone else. Literally, I want to help people find the crochet hook that is the most comfortable for them.

My Site Purpose

My goal is to educate people on the different types of crochet hooks, what they are used for, and help people find the ones that are right for them.

I’ll welcome feedback and reviews from other crocheters in their experiences with different brands and types of crochet hooks. I’m looking forward to hearing from beginners as well a novice crocheter.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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