If you’re like me, an old time crochet addict, you’re seeing many patterns that begin with a magic circle, or magic ring. I was stumped when I saw this. I had never heard of this before. What the heck was a magic circle? I began by ignoring patterns that began this way. This seemed like something too new and complicated for this tired old brain of mine. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or can you?

Then I was commissioned to make not one, not two, but three patterns with this stitch as the beginning stitch. The pattern is adorable and I really wanted to make it, but would I be able to master that stitch? I took to google and did quite a few searches. I tried many tutorials along the way. I watched it done on U tube many times. With the combination of the two types of tutorials, I finally was able to master the stitch.

Don’t Get Discouraged

After watching so many videos and read so many tutorials, I still could not get it right. I tried over and over, got very frustrated and thought I would never get it. Then, as I was about to give up, the light bulb went off. I mastered the stitch and was proud of myself. Sometimes, I manage success on the first try. Other times, it takes me many tries. My point is, don’t get discourages, don’t give up, it will eventually click.

Choose A Pattern

The thing that made me want to master the magic ring was having a pattern that I really loved and knew would bring joy to the recipients. I had to make this pattern, so I had to master this stitch in order to do so. The pattern that was actually chosen for me was an adorable unicorn pillow. Wanting to accomplish a pattern and having the drive to do so is what made me absolutely master this beginning stitch. The unicorn pillow was a success and I was please with myself for finishing the project, and having learned something new.

Be Patient With Yourself

Once I had my pattern and had the willingness to learn, I set out on my google search. That was the easy part! There are a wealth of tutorials and videos on the subject. Find one that seems easy to understand and follow along with. Be patient with yourself. I had to be, as this stitch was something very new to me.

A magic ring is used at the beginning of a crochet piece that you are doing in the round. The ring forms a wonderful closed hole in the center of the first round.

  • Your first step is to place your yarn into the palm of your opened hand. I use my right hand to crochet, so I place my yarn in my left hand.
  • Next, form a ring by wrapping the yarn over your middle and index fingers. Your yarn will be on the right of this ring.
  • Where the loop overlaps, hold it at this point.
  • From front to back, insert your crochet hook.
  • Loop the yarn around your crochet hook and pull it through.
  • Make one chain stitch
  • Loop the yarn around your crochet hook and make a single crochet.
  • Continue making single crochets around your loop until you have the number the pattern calls for.
  • Pull the end tail in the center of your work to close up the circle.

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve done it! You’ve mastered the magic circle! Don’t worry if you need to follow a tutorial or a video in order to get you started each time. Find one that makes sense and is easy to follow for you. Keep practicing the steps and be patient with yourself. It may take time, or you may catch on the very first time you try it. Every one is different and everyone has their own type of learning style. When you find that style and directions that are a fit for you, you’ll be able to master this stitch.

I hope my little blog has helped many of you move on with a new stitch to improve your crochet style. It will open up a whole world of new patterns for you to try. Have fun and enjoy.

  1. Hello,

    Wow, I was searching for Crochet and Crochet hooks. I wanted to know more about them because I always see my granny and mom working on them to create really cool stuff!

    After reading your article, I understand now how difficult to master this and the time needed is crazy! I am now interested to know more about it!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Hello and welcome to my site, Mohammad! I am so happy that you found my post helpful in understanding more about what it takes to crochet. I’m happy to see that it seems like a tradition in your family to crochet. I also find it very refreshing that there are so many men who are interested in learning about the craft.

      I appreciate you comments. It helps me to understand whether of not my posts are helping people, which is what I have set out to do. Feel free to visit as often as you’d like, as I continue to add to and improve my site.

      Thank you and Happy Crocheting!

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