When ever I hear someone make an announcement that they are expecting, I first congratulate them.  My mind then says cool, what can I make for the baby?  Usually, I wait to see if the couple learns the gender of the baby, then try to find out the colors for their nursery.  If the will be no gender reveal, I’ll typically pick gender neutural colors and just get started.

Choosing A Project

When I think of crochet baby items, my imagination runs wild.  There are many items to choose from.  There are booties, bibs, cocoons, blankets, outfits, and burp cloths, to name a few.  How do you choose?

To me, it’s all a matter of how much time I have to complete the project and how complicated the pattern is.  My go to gift is usually a blanket, but burp cloths and bibs also make wonderful gifts.

The web is a great source to view patterns, yarns, and reviews in order to choose the project you will make.  I’ve made many baby afghans and some of my favorites would be.

  • The Mile A Minute Baby Afghan.  I have also made this pattern for adults as well.  It’s a fun, easy project that requires you to make strips and crochet them together when finished. There are many color options and combinations to choose from.
  • Modern Granny Square Afghan.  This pattern works up fast and becomes one large granny square.  Simple but beautiful, it can be made in one solid color, multiple colors, or with striping yarn.
  • Corner To Corner Afghan.  Another fast working pattern and favorite pattern is the c2c as it is referred to.  This is a very versatile pattern that works just as described, from corner to corner.  Beginners can choose any solid color, multi-colors, or yarns that change colors.  Advanced crocheters can even make graphgahns with this pattern.  This will add objects or pictures to your work.
  • Midwife Afghan. This is a repetitive pattern that work up beautifully.  Again, there are many options for using different colors with this pattern your imagination can run wild.  It can also be done in a solid color.
  • No Starting Chain Afghan.  If you love the shell stitch, this one is for you.  I have made these for not only baby gifts, but wedding gifts as well.  Again, color choice is optional, so this is a very versatile pattern

. There are so many other patterns to choose from.  It all depends on your skill level, taste, and time you have to complete your project.

Bibs and Burp Cloths

Great for beginners who want to share their work, or for a little something to add to your gift, bibs and burp cloths are a much needed baby item.  Lets face it, babies spit up when you burp them and drool when they’re teething.  I think most new parents will be pleased to receive these as a gift.

Using the internet, there are many patterns to choose from, or you can simply make up your own pattern if you feel so inclined.  These patterns would call for 100% cotton yarn, a cotton and acrylic mix yarn, or a recycled yarn made of acrylic yarn fibers and the cuttings left over in T shirt factories.  These yarns are more absorbent and easy to care for.

A popular bib that I’ve seen in the baby world today are bibs that look like bandannas.  Easy to make, triangular in shape, and velcro closures are all you’d need to do to make them.  New parents seem to love the look of them.  Bibs can be a simple square, or as elaborate as one that looks like a tux.  Again, it depends on your skill level and tastes.

Burp cloths are a snap to make.  They are rectangular in shape, work up quickly, and can be made in any color of the rainbow.  Making a burp cloth is similar to making a mini scarf.  I’m sure if you can’t find enough patterns for them online, you could use a simple scarf pattern modified.  This is also a project that you could easily make your own pattern with a favorite stitch.

Booties, Hats, and Sweaters

Booties, hats and sweaters are beautiful keepsakes when they are hand made.  I even made a Christening outfit for a nephew when I felt confident enough in my abilities.  It came out lovely and is something that can be passed down in families.

I would suggest being more familiar with crocheting before attempting some of these projects.  Most likely, one of the easiest of the three ideas would be a hat. There are so many cute hat patterns today that it could make your head spin.  They range from simple beanies, to bonnets, to bear ears, to ET hat patterns.  Hats are fun to make and are not as time consuming as making a blanket would be.

Booties also come in a number of different styles and sizes.  They can range from a simple bootie to Mary Janes, sandals, or boots to name a few.  They’re great to keep little toes warm and to add pizazz to their already adorable outfits.  Booties also make up quickly and always seem to be adored by many.

Sweaters are not only warm and cozy, they make wonderful gifts.  If you aren’t up to making a sweater, another option you could do would be to make a  poncho .  They are simple to make and as cute and cozy as well.  There are also many pattern sets if you are so inclined to make a set of a hat, sweater, and booties.

Cocoons Or Buntings

What is a cocoon you ask?  A cocoon is a very popular baby item that usually has a hat and a body that the baby fits into.  I’ve seen simple cocoons as well as elaborate ones.  Some of my favorites are mermaids, owls, pineapples, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, stars, and various animals.  I have yet to make one of these, but it is on my list of to dos.

Buntings are similar to cocoons, although they are more like a sleeping bag that the baby fits into.  These are the cocoons of my day, but they are still very popular today, as crochet baby items.

Enjoy Yourself

Absolutely enjoy yourself when deciding on crochet baby items to work on.  If the pattern frustrates you, it may be written wrong (some patterns do have mistakes), or it could just be beyond your scope of ability.  Choose a pattern that works for you and makes you happy to share as a gift.  The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it.

Most people I know love to receive home made gifts.  Baby gifts are especially in the category, as they can become family keepsakes.  There are a good deal of crochet baby items to choose from that I’m sure you’ll find and create amazing gifts.

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