So you decided to try your hand at crochet. Congratulations on your decision. Personally, for me, I needed an outlet for my stress when I was raising my six children. I loved being a stay at home mom, I loved my children, but I definitely needed something I could do for myself when they were napping, at school, or in bed for the night.

I always loved homemade items as gifts in general. I also loved to have cozy afghans for my kids’ beds and in the TV room. It looked like creating these beautiful items would be fun and exciting to do. I never realized how much it would relax me though and I soon became addicted.

What ever made you decide to try your hand at crochet does not make a difference. There are many reasons for this decision. It’s a wonderful journey you are about to embark on. Have lots of fun with it and enjoy!

Where To Start

After teaching myself some basic crochet stitches, I wanted to try my hand at some very simple patterns. I saw many pattern books in the yarn stores that I could purchase. I didn’t really want to spend money on books at that time. What if I couldn’t understand the patterns or if I didn’t like them once I started them.

I had a wonderful neighbor who also loved to crochet. She would come visit me most days and would exchange easy patterns with me. She would also tutor me if I had any trouble mastering the stitches. We spent many hours together creating beautiful afghans.

Computer Age

Around this time, computers were becoming all the rage. My husband brought home a huge desk top computer for us to use. I played around on it and learned the basics of how to utilize it. I soon discovered that I was able to do searches. I thought I hit pay dirt! I searched for free crochet patterns for beginners and so many resources came up for me to use.

I learned how to bookmark the sites that I enjoyed the most. Soon, I had an amazing collection of patterns I could choose from. This was also how I became more sure of myself, the more patterns I tried out. I learned new stitches and gained much more confidence in my ability to crochet.

Sites I Found

Back then, when the computer age was just beginning, the choices out there were not as elaborate as they are today. I still have some of my favorites from then bookmarked and I still do use those sites today. I have favorite go to patterns for baby gift items, scarves, cowls, etc. that are simple to make and never grow old.

Sites I found back then that I still use are;


A whole New World Of Crochet

Today, there is a whole new world of crochet sites out there. I have many new favorite sites. With social media being so popular, I have also joined many crochet groups where people can display their works, learn new techniques, ask questions, and learn. I have gotten tons of ideas from social media. Most people will post where they got the pattern from with a link so they’re very easy to find.

Some awesome sites out there when I search free crochet pattern for beginners are as follows;

  1. This site has a wealth of information, patterns, tutorials, specialty stitches, etc. I love this site and also follow them on Facebook.
  2. Ravelry is a very cool knit and crochet community. There, you can find patterns, both paid and free, information, groups, etc. I have found and used so many patterns on this site. I also have bought many beautiful patterns on here.
  3. Is another site to find patterns, information, community, how tos, and much more
  4. Also has a wealth of information not only about crochet, but also about other crafty interests and tips and hints

Enjoy Your Crochet Experience

In the end, the above named sites are only a handful of the sites that are out there nowadays. Times have truly changed since I first began my crochet journey. Although I would never give up the bonding friendship I made with my neighbor so many years ago, it is so much easier to get started today.

Make your journey a fun one. Creating artful pieces out of different types and colors of yarn is not a lost art. Many people, men, women, and children alike love to crochet. I taught a neighbor’s child how to crochet many years ago. My eldest daughter also loves to crochet. People love to show case their craft. I love to see their work online. It never ceases to amaze me at the creativity of so many people in this world. It makes my heart happy.

I don’t consider myself an expert, even after all these years. I still fear some patterns that I view as difficult. I hope to get over this fear and expand my knowledge. Maybe one day, when my time isn’t as limited, I will accomplish this goal. I guess I’m sort of novice at my craft. People who don’t crochet look at my work with awe. I look at it with the love that goes into each and every stitch.

  1. Hi there. Thank you for sharing this Site. Me and my 11 years-old daughter who loved knitting are reading this and now We have great resources for trying it out. Well, She more that Me :).

    The groups you posted are really good and people really shows a lot of great works! She is getting inspiring for this

    I hope you can show some of your patterns and teach us how you do them.


    • Jason, thank you for visiting my site and getting inspiration for you and your daughter! In the near future, I do hope to add more articles and insights. I hope you’ll return as I add more to my site.

      Thank you also for the suggestion on what else to share here. Although I have never written a pattern myself, I could share the projects I have completed with references as to where I got the patterns. I can also share how to do some different stitches.
      Again, I appreciate you spending the time to comment on my post.

  2. Thank you for the links to free patterns!

    I plan to try crocheting this winter and I want to make my own dish cloths as part of my Christmas gifts. What type of yarn do i need for that? I have bought some cloths there were mostly cotton and others that are more synthetic. I like the idea of mostly cotton but I doubt they would stand up for long without some synthetic fibers.

    • Irma, thank you for visiting my site and leaving me your comments. Dish cloths are fun, quick, and easy to make. They make great gifts.
      I’ve found that there are three very popular choices of yarn when making dish cloths. The first one, as you mentioned, is 100% cotton. It’s very strong, and absorbent, making it a good choice. Another popular choice is recycled cotton. This is the one I may want to try. The yarn consists of acrylic yarn fiber and the cotton cuttings leftover in T shirt factories. To me, this is a perfect way to recycle, as well as getting used to working with cotton blends. The third popular choice is called Cotton Ease. This combines cotton with acrylic. It comes in many colors to choose from, and is easy to care for.
      I hope this has been helpful with your decision as to what type of yarn you would need to make your Christmas gifts. Happy crocheting and come back again soon!

  3. Crochetting has always intrigued me. As I grow older, I’m thinking of taking it up to occupy my time when I will not have much to do but just sit down and mull over life.

    You started the hard way but I have the computer to depend on for my patterns. So I’ve taken note of the sites you suggested and would even look for more, if necessary.

    With all that wonderful information you have given, it’s sure that I will enjoy my crochet exeperience.

    Thank you for this remarkable piece.

    • Akoli, thank you and welcome to my site. It is so refreshing for me to see men that love to crochet, or are willing to give it a try. There are a lot of men out there, but not nearly enough. My dad used to do latch hook to relax.
      I’m very happy that you found my article helpful. It’s a wonderful past time when you are sitting idle, watching TV, listening to music, or even an audio book. It gives you such a feeling of accomplishment once you finish a project.
      Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck with something. I appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll feel free to visit anytime.

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