Today, I am going to look at and give my opinion on a newer tool in the crochet world. On the many crochet sites I visit I see a lot of people showing the new crochet hooks they have purchased. The one that has my interest piqued is the light up crochet hooks.

I am a senior and my eyesight is not as good as it was when I was younger. My eyes get tired and there never seems to be enough light. Seeing this type of hook, I am wondering if they would truly help, or if they would reflect too much and make my work more difficult to see.

Why This Type Of Hook

When I first saw these hooks, I immediately thought of my eyesight as a reason to utilize them. Upon reading different reviews, I have found that there are other reasons for considering them. Some reasons are as follows;

  1. It’s been use by parents who have sleeping children nearby, with or without other lighting
  2. It’s been used by wives in bed who don’t want to disturb their sleeping husband
  3. It’s been used so as not to disturb other family members watching TV in dim light
  4. It’s been used at a drive in, so no interior light or flash light is needed.
  5. It’s been used by people who have less than perfect vision
  6. It’s been used by people who are using darker colored yarn
  7. It’s been used on long car rides for when it gets dark out

Good reasons it seems to try out this hook. It all makes sense that the light would seem to help the crocheter in all of these instances. I’m sure there are many more reasons out there for light up crochet hooks, but you can get the gist of them from my list.

What I Found From The Reviews

After reading numerous reviews, I found that people had mixed feelings about using these hooks. On the positive side, most people loved how they could see the yarn better when they were using dark colored yarns such as navy blue and black. People also commented on how the light helped them to see much better in darkened rooms or outside after dusk or even with no other light on at all. I was surprised by how many people commented on how comfortable the hook was to hold and that they could crochet for long periods of time without their hands hurting. People with arthritis liked these hooks as well.

On the negative side of the coin, many people did not like the brightness of the light itself. Some said it shone in their eyes more than on the yarn itself. Another negative was that the hook wasn’t as smooth as the aluminum hooks, thereby allowing it to catch on the yarn. Another negative review I saw was that after a couple of hours, the light became too dim as the batteries died. There were comments as well on how difficult it was to find the correct size replacement batteries. As much as many said it was comfortable to hold, some also said they found the shape of the handle uncomfortable to hold. I also found that some hooks were not true to size. Some commented that the light either turned off or kept flickering.

Different Choices For Different Needs

I did an image search for light up crochet hooks and was pleasantly surprised by the choices there are out there. Suppose I just wanted to try them to see if I really liked them. I am able to purchase just one hook at a time. If you’re sold on the hooks and want one in every size, there are plenty of sets to choose from. They come in sets of nine, sets of three, even sets with one interchangeable handle and matching different sized hooks. Some come with a case, others don’t.

Another option you have is a rechargeable handle. This comes with the handle, USB charger, and 9 different hook sizes. This option also has two brightness settings for users who need less or more light. The battery holds charge for 7-9 hours and is a 15-minute quick charge. The tool can be charged via wall adapter, power bank, or laptop/desktop computer. This seems like a good option for people if they are really serious about using the light up crochet hooks frequently.

My Thoughts

After reading the reviews, I’m still on the fence about purchasing a set for myself. I am working with some darker colored yarn at the moment, so I could envision myself purchasing one in the size that I need to see if it works for me.

I would most likely consider buying the rechargeable set if I truly liked the product. I can see it does have certain benefits that would be helpful for me. My hands could benefit from the thicker handle and my eyes could benefit from the brighter light after dark.


What a nifty idea someone has come up with! Anyone that crochets knows that in order to work well, you’ll need a comfortable hook. It’s also a fact that crocheting with darker colors is more difficult that working with lighter colors. Eye strain becomes a problem if you live in a house that the lighting isn’t ideal, or just in general, after dark.

This little tool can be a very intuitive way to help solve these issues. There are so many models out there and they can be purchased in a variety of stores. However you love to shop, you can find them online or in brick and mortar stores.

Happy crocheting,


  1. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for this post. I did not know they even made such a thing.

    They seem to have many beneficial uses. But the reviews seem to be half and half.

    I was hoping you had a pic of them.

    I’ll be curious to know your thoughts after you try one yourself. Maybe a pic of you using yours. 🙂

    Happy Crocheting!

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